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Nashville Pizza Lovers Assoc. forms support group after Joey's House of Pizza closing

Nashville, TN - Thousands of pizza lovers woke up to devastating news on Monday when they learned that Nashville's beloved pizzeria Joey's House of Pizza had closed its doors.

Widely regarded as the best pizza in Music City, loyal fans found themselves shocked and hoping it wasn't true.

"I thought maybe it was just a belated April Fool's joke," said one man. "But I drove by, and they were closed. I feel like I lost my best friend."

In response to the closing, the Nashville Pizza Lovers Associations has formed a free support group to help those coping with the loss.

A spokesperson told reporters, "The NPLA aims to bring hope to those struggling with the closing of JHOP. You are not alone. We are here, and we will get through this together."

The group held an impromptu first meeting in the Joey's House of Pizza parking lot on Monday night but a new location and meeting times will be announced later this week.

"We're looking at a few locations to meet. Right now, 312 Pizza Company is the frontrunner," said the spokesperson.

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