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Nashville Square Earth Society holds protest against existence of Global Mall

Nashville, TN - The Nashville Chapter of the Square Earth Society held a rally outside the Global Mall on Saturday to protest the existence of the Global Mall. Over nine attendees waved signs and performed songs about the lies the government is telling us about the Nashville property.

One man asked the SES Leader, "How can you say it doesn't exist, when it's right there?"

Chapter President Charles Hammond IV replied, "Sure, but have you ever been inside?"

When the man said, "No," Hammond explained that the perimeter wall is just a façade and the interior is just empty space.

"There is nothing inside. Because it doesn't exist. If you don't believe me, go check for yourself."

Hammond went onto show the man additional evidence, including aerial photos proving that the Global Mall isn't even round, but more square and rectangular.

After the exchange, the man agreed something was suspicious and asked for a membership brochure.

The SES protest is scheduled March 12 at Global Motorsports in Belle Meade, TN.

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