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Nashville will host US Finger Skating Championships in 2022

Nashville, TN - Amazing news! The 2022 U.S. Finger Skating Championships will be held right here in Nashville, in a parking lot behind the Bridgestone Arena. This highly anticipated event will decide the final ten member team to compete in the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, Connecticut.

The last time this event was held in Nashville was the Kentucky Fried Chicken U.S. Skating Championships in 1997, a still widely talked about event.

"I can't wait," said Austin Pinkie, a local Yellow Pages salesman. "My parents took me when I was 15 and I still think about it nearly every day. I'm going to take my son if I'm lucky enough to get tickets."

2022 sponsors already include Mimi's Nail Studio, 615 Glove Company, Toastini's Pizza Rolls, and Rings & Things Jewelers to name a few.

Ticket will go on sale later next year.

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