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Nashville updates 4-Way-Stop diagrams to remind motorists of local driving etiquette

Nashville, TN - Nashville traffic officials released updated 4-Way-Stop diagrams on Saturday to remind motorists of local driving etiquette.

The move comes after severe storms knocked out power in countless traffic lights, converting many of the city's busiest intersections into 4-Way-Stops. While many drivers fare well in the crossings, less knowledgeable motorists are often confused by local protocols.

Lead traffic official Jim Johnson told reporters, "Our original diagrams were created in the 1960s and no longer accurately represent what is likely to occur in our 4-Way junctions. That's not safe. The new diagrams are a better depiction of current etiquette and how motorist should navigate these situations."

Johnson says that the new diagrams also reflect the move away from the traditional right-of-way driving etiquette to a fortune-favors-the-bold approach to traffic flow.

It has also been updated with scooter icons to remind visiting motorists to look out for random e-scooters on roadways.

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