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Nashville Zoo beats out hopeful Smyrna gas station for 'America's Best Bathroom' award

Smyrna, TN - After weeks of hopeful anticipation, the staff of the Quick-E-Stop gas station in Smyrna, Tennessee was disappointed to learn yesterday that they did not win the coveted "America's Best Bathroom"contest for 2019. Instead, the award went to the Nashville Zoo.

"Of course our staff is disappointed," said manager, Dave Gibson. "We put a lot of effort into updating our crappers, so yeah, we feel let down."

Regular Quick-E-Stop bathroom users were also disappointed by the news. One man told reporters, "I saw the pictures of that Zoo bathroom. So they have snakes. Big deal. The Quick-E-Stop has snakes, too. I think they deserved to win."

Gibson said they were not going to stay down long and that they learned a lot from the Zoo's victory. They were already sourcing additional wildlife to add to their restrooms to compete with the zoo in 2020.

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