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Nation's Zoo animals refusing to return to work after realizing they make more on unemployment

Nashville, TN - As Zoos across the nation prepare to reopen their gates, there is a growing trend where animals are not showing up to work because they make more sitting at home collecting unemployment.

An investigation into the claim found that the average zoo animal makes around $875 per week on unemployment. The same animal would only bring in about $75 per week in food and snacks if they were working. And that's for a 70-hour, 7-day workweek.

Local zookeeper Hal Miller told reporters, "Listen, I get it. We don't pay them enough, but they do get free rent. You have to consider that."

Miller said there is a meeting set for Friday to discuss ways to entice the animals back to work. If that doesn't work, Miller says they may have to resort to locking them in cages.

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