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Neighbor's fireworks display biggest disappointment of kid's entire life

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

Brentwood, TN - Billy Johnson, 8, begged his parents to take him downtown to watch Nashville's July 4th fireworks extravaganza. He even cleaned his room, helped with dishes and changed his little brother's dirty diaper. Despite all his efforts, they refused to take him, claiming the neighbor's display would be just as good.

According to Billy, it was not. Billy was overheard telling his parents, "This is horrible. I've never been more disappointed. I hate you," before throwing a ten-minute tantrum, eating an ice cream sandwich and falling asleep in a lawn chair.

A number of neighbors agreed with Billy, saying that Mr. Gilman's production was not nearly as good as last year. Some speculated that Gilman may have skimped on his fireworks budget this year due to a nasty divorce with Mrs. Gilman earlier this spring.

Later that night, Billy demanded his mom pinky promise that they would go downtown next year before he would brush his teeth. His mom reportedly told him, "Whatever. Just go to sleep." Billy is doubtful that she will keep her promise based on passed experiences.

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