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Neighboring asteroid, Karenski3, reports Saturn & Jupiter for Christmas gathering

Milky Way - According to NASA reports, a neighboring Milky Way asteroid named Karenski3 reported Jupiter and Saturn for an excessively large Christmas gathering on December 21.

Space Force investigators say Saturn and its 82 moons met up with Jupiter and its 79 moons to hold a potential celestial super-spreader.

"Our investigation found 162 bodies attended the event. The current limit is 10. That's not good," said lead investigator Bill Anderson.

Karenski3 was not the only one to report the event. Another anonymous caller, later identified as Uranus, reported nearly 500 attendees. Investigators believe Uranus embellished the numbers out of spite for not being invited to the gathering.

It is unclear what charges or fines will be levied against Jupiter or Saturn for the infraction. The investigation is ongoing.

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