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New manager, Boomer Smith from Oklahoma, impressed staff already knows name and home state

Nashville, TN - Boomer Smith, 56, didn't know what to expect when he relocated to Nashville from Oklahoma to take on a new role as the office manager at a local startup. He says his fears were quickly put to rest when he met his young new team on the very first day.

"From the moment I walked through the doors, they started to make me feel welcome," Smith told reporters. "I remember the first time one of them called me 'OK Boomer.' I was so impressed they already knew my name and where I was from."

Smith admits that there have been some growing pains on the new team but they continue to work through their difference with respect and open dialogue. He says the use of nicknames has also helped in the bonding process.

"I just followed suit and started calling them by their names and home states, like TN Tony and CA Emily. They think it's so funny. The laughter is really helping us gel."

Smith says he hopes to take the team-building to the next level with an outing to the roller skating rink later next week.

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