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New Nashville strip club to feature clothed dancers with fully nude faces

Nashville, TN - A new Nashville strip club is hoping to cash in on the city's mask mandate by opening for business on Monday with an innovative approach to adult entertainment: clothed dancers with fully nude faces.

SexyFace Gentleman's Club owner Burt Castle told reporters, "Naked bodies are the past, man. Naked faces are the future. They're so forbidden, so taboo. We're just ahead of the curve."

To ensure staff and customer safety, Castle says dancers will perform behind plexiglass barriers, and all patrons will be required to social distance and wear masks except when eating from the complimentary hot dog buffet.

In addition to the standard safety guidelines, the club will not use dollar bills. Each dancer will be equipped with a credit card reader for patrons who would like to tip. Private mask-teases will also be available for an additional charge.

For the privacy of customers, all credit card transactions will be listed as Donation2Charity. Charity is the lead dancer and choreographer at the venue.

SexyFace opens on Monday.

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