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New Qharmony dating app matches QAnon singles on 45 dimensions of conspiracy compatibility

Washington, DC - A new dating app was released this week, just in time for Valentine's Day. Qharmony matches QAnon singles on 45 dimensions of conspiracy compatibility.

According to the app creators, signing up is simple, but the results have been phenomenal. Over 85% of members were matched in the first three days.

Jennifer and Frank are a perfect example. They met within an hour of signing up on Monday. Both scored 45 out of 45 on the conspiracy index, a 100% match. Two days later, they were engaged.

"I was skeptical at first, but we have so much in common. We were pretty much inseparable until the FBI picked him up. We're going to get married as soon as he gets out of prison."

The 20-minute survey walks registrants through 45 potential conspiracies to scientifically match them with someone who is highly compatible. Here is a sample of the questionnaire:

Do you believe:

#1 A cabal of Satan worshippers grow kids in caves to drink their blood?

#14 Celebrities run a pedophile ring through a pizza place in Washington DC?

#19 Lasers from space start all forest fires?

#27 In and Out Burger has a secret menu?

#36 JFK Jr. is alive and coming back in 2021?

#43 The storm is coming on March 4?

Qharmony is now available on your favorite QAnon app stores.

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Jan 22, 2022

Qharmony is run by the CIA

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