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New York man mortified he wore same outfit as Kim Kardashian to Met Gala

New York, NY - An unnamed New York man told reporters he was mortified on Monday when he showed up to the Met Gala wearing the same outfit as Kim Kardashian.

"I'm so embarrassed," said the man. "I hope I didn't steal any of her spotlight. She looked so pretty."

According to reports, Kardashian's Balenciaga bodysuit cost an estimated $6,500. The unidentified man did not share the price of his ensemble but did say it was from a small, local boutique.

When asked his designer, the man told reporters, "It's a Partay Citay. From his fall collection."

Witnesses say Kardashian made obvious attempts to avoid being photographed with the man. Kardashian's security team also redirected the man several times as he tried to take a selfie with the reality star.

The majority of fashion industry professionals agreed that Kardashian wore the outfit better, but 32% of participants in an internet poll said the man wore it equally well.

Kim Kardashian did not respond to our requests for comment.

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