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News outlets take break from Trump to cover completely unrelated caterpillar

Nashville, TN - News outlets across the country took a break from discussing President Trump on Wednesday to cover a completely unrelated caterpillar.

One evening news anchor said, "Tonight we have decided to take a break from Donald Trump coverage to bring you this funny-looking, yet extremely dangerous orange caterpillar."

The insect in question is the flannel moth caterpillar (Megalopyge Opercularis), also called the woolly slug or puss moth. It is best know for its fluffy, orange tufts of hair in its larva form.

Liberal news outlets described the caterpillar as a pest and warned Americans to stay away.

"Sure, it may look funny, but this thing is venomous. Underneath all that orange mess, you'll find lethal, pointed fleshy appendages. This thing will cause agonizing pain to anyone who comes into contact with it, so avoid it at all costs."

Conservative media outlets did not mention the dangers of the caterpillar, but all the great things the caterpillar has done for the environment and laws of nature.

All news channels are expected to return to Trump coverage on Thursday.

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