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Nation's 'nonessential' workers demand to be called 'necessity-challenged'

Nashville, TN - Tommy Spade has been out of work since the night club he bartends at closed down in mid-March. To many, he's a nonessential. To Spade, he is the voice of the nation.

Spade says he fully supports social distancing and the stay-at-home orders, but can not accept being deemed a "nonessential." Now, Spade is at the forefront of a growing movement to rebrand "nonessential" employees as "necessity-challenged."

"Listen, no one wants to be nonessential," Spade told journalists. "We are all essential, just maybe some more than others right now. Right now, some of us are necessity-challenged. It's that simple."

Spade says he working with other necessity-challenged workers across the country to change the language and plans to take his message to Washington once he is back to work and things return to normal.

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