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Overturned fuel tanker draws hundreds to help suck gas from freeway

Nashville, TN - Moments after an overturned tanker began spilling fuel onto I-40, hundreds rallied together to help suck up the gas from the freeway.

"It's pretty amazing to see so many Nashvillians care about the environment," said an EPA agent on the scene. "They showed up with carpet cleaners, vacuums, dust busters...basically anything that would siphon the fuel. They are truly selfless."

One man who works for a local remediation company collected 500 gallons from the highway using equipment he had on his truck.

Another local family made a dozen trips to collect the fuel.

The EPA representative told reporters, "These people are nothing short of heroes. They deserve an award."

It is estimated that 490 people showed up to assist with the efforts. Many even purchased equipment. A Walmart near the crash reportedly sold out of carpet cleaners within ten minutes of the wreck.

The cause of the crash is still unknown. No injuries were reported.

Photo Credit: Aqua Mechanical via Flickr

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