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Planet Fitness announces new 'Extra Non-Judgy Zone' for post-quarantine bodies

Nashville, TN - Planet Fitness announced today that they will be adding a brand new Extra Non-Judgy Zone for members concerned about their post-quarantine bodies.

Company spokesperson Jim Dunlap introduced the new feature at a press conference earlier this morning. "As we reopen our facilities after weeks of lockdowns, we understand many of our members are going to feel self-conscious about their appearance and exercise capacity. That's why we are proud to introduce our new Extra Non-Judgy Zone™."

Dunlap says the company remains committed to its current Judgement Free Zone but stated the new Extra Non-Judgy Zone will offer even more non-judgment than all their previous non-judgment zones combined.

Aside from the words printed on the wall, Dunlap did not reveal what specific features would be added to the Extra Non-Judgy Zone™ but said each facility would be hosting a pizza party to orient members and celebrate the new space.

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