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Portland teens dress up as riot police hoping naked protester shows up

Portland, OR - Three Portland teens were taken into custody on Tuesday night after dressing up as riot police in hopes of catching a glimpse of a naked protester recently featured in viral videos.

All three 17-year old high school students were arrested for impersonating a police officer but were later released in the custody of their parents. The police have not released the teens' names.

The mother of one teen told reporters, "I'm so embarrassed. First, I find a swimsuit magazine in his closet, now this."

The father of another teen said, "Of course, I'm disappointed. But I have to admit, it was pretty creative."

The Portland Police Department said they will not press charges at this time, but warns any teens inspired by the trio that impersonating law enforcement officers to see naked protesters is a serious crime.

Inquisitor Nashville reached out to several naked protesters for comment but received no response.

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