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Preds new 300% larger screens make games just like watching at home

Nashville, TN - This week, the Nashville Predators unveiled a 300% larger megatron that will reportedly make games just like watching at home.

The new displays are 22 feet tall and 34 feet wide and boast 450 percent higher resolution than the sad, little old system.

Preds fans across Nashville rejoiced, including Bill Johnson, who told reporters, "I usually watch games at home on my 60-inch, but this is a game-changer. I heard it has 1,787 percent more LED pixels. I can't wait. I just bought season tickets."

Another fan, Emily Murray, said, "My boyfriend and I usually try to avoid the downtown traffic and crowds, but if the definition is going to be better than our TV, it will totally be worth it."

As if the larger screen was not enough, the team also announced better food and state-of-the-art urinals. A representative for the arena told reporters, "We feel like between the screens, food and urinals, we have something for everyone to be excited about."

Tickets are on sale now.

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