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PSA: Any door-to-door salesmen selling COVID vaccines for $30 is a scam. I got mine for $20.

Nashville, TN - From my experience, scam artists like nothing more than taking advantage of people's hopes to line their own pockets. Now that a promising COVID-19 vaccine is on the horizon, it's important to protect yourself and your loved ones from suspicious sales practices.

Case in point: An increasing number of Americans are reporting door-to-door salespeople visiting their homes and offering the new vaccine for $30. This is a SCAM! I bought my vaccine from a door-to-door salesman for $20.

While some may say it is only $10, we need to send a united message to these price gougers trying to take advantage of innocent citizens.

Trust your gut! If a salesperson offers you the vaccine at a premium, don't fall for it. Ask your friends and family who their door-to-door provider is and go with someone you can trust.

My salesman assured me that he would be back in 30 days for my second injection. I will get his name then and post his contact information for anyone interested.

Be vigilant, everyone! Don't give them the satisfaction of making you look foolish.

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