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Public restrooms deploy Loo Enforcement Officers to guard toilet paper

Nashville, TN - As the U.S. enters its second week of toilet paper shortages and public anxiety continues to mount, security experts say it is only a matter of time before desperate Americans begin to pillage public restrooms to meet their sanitation needs.

In a proactive move to address the concern, local business owners are deploying Loo Enforcement Officers to guard toilet paper supplies in their bathrooms.

One restaurant manager told us, "I get it. Things are tough out there, but we only have enough paper for our customers to use while they are in the building. The officers are just here to ensure we can continue to meet our customers' needs."

Business owners say the majority of customers have expressed appreciation for the added security measure, but not everyone is supportive.

One man says he was accosted for using a few extra squares. "I was in the stall when the security guy came over and started banging on the door. He said he could hear the roller and I was using too much. He threatened to come in and take it from me, if I didn't stop."

Another man was tasered for trying to leave the room with a quarter roll under his jacket.

The legality of the practice is still under question, but many business owners say they plan to institute similar precautions including pre-portioning papers and having attendants hand them to customers under the stall as needed.

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