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Publix baggers will now bring your car to your groceries at no extra charge

Nashville, TN - Publix has always been known for their incredible service, including their complimentary offer to take your groceries to your car and assist with loading.

Now, the grocery chain is taking their service up yet another notch! According to a company spokesperson, Publix baggers will now offer to bring your car to your groceries at no extra charge.

"Starting today, Publix is getting behind the wheel of great service and hitting the gas. We are going to drive our business by driving for your convenience," said the spokesperson.

That means no more frigid walks to the parking lot, no looking for your car, and no wondering where to stash your empty cart. It will all be taken care of for you.

Depending on how the service is received, Publix is considering widening its entrances to accommodate larger vehicles, including 18-wheel semi-trucks.

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