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Real-life Catwoman says life with 20 cats not as glamorous as you might think

Nashville, TN - As Hollywood releases its newest version of Batman this week, featuring Catwoman, one real-life feline enthusiast is speaking out about the portrayal of the character.

"Despite what you see in The Batman, life with 20 cats is not nearly as glamorous as you might think," said Katherine Carson. "It's really just a lot of scooping litter."

Carson wants to set the record straight that she is not an expert burglar and can't jump off 13-story buildings and land on her feet.

Carson told reporters, "Sadly, I don't have any superpowers. But I'm pretty good with a lint roller."

Carson says she is flattered by the comparisons to the DC Comics character but asks that fans respect her privacy and stop showing up at her house for autographs.

The kitty collector is looking forward to seeing the new film but will wait until it comes out on digital to watch it with the rest of the feline family.

"We're not going to see it meow, but we'll cat-ch it later," joked Carson.

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