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Report: Colorado has highest high voter turnout in nation

Denver, CO - According to reports, Colorado had the highest high voter turnout in the nation for early voting.

The state has already seen nearly 2.5 million voters in early voting and expects millions more to visit the ballots on Tuesday. If the numbers hold, The Centennial State may experience its highest high voter turnout in history.

However, Colorado election officials say they are not worried. They believe they are fully prepared with enhanced safety protocols and expanded voting facilities to accommodate the spaced-out crowds.

"We've also added staff to help struggling voters through the two-minute process and will be setting up a socially-distanced munchie station for anyone needing a snack while they wait," said a representative.

Based on early voting numbers, 23% of Colorado voters say they voted for Biden, 22% say they voted for Trump, and 55% couldn't remember.

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