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Report: Entire office knows your 'doctor's appointment' is really job interview

Nashville, TN - A new report shows that despite your best efforts to conceal your job interview from co-workers as a last-minute doctor's appointment, the entire office knows exactly where you are going.

According to sources, the first give-away was that you dressed up for the first time in months. Records show the last time you wore a business suit was nine months ago when you interviewed for that other job. Yes, they know about that one, too.

In addition, documents from IT reveal that you made two copies of your resume on the company printer yesterday and Googled, "How to hide a job interview from your boss"on a company computer.

Third, multiple co-workers have reported that you offered conflicting explanations for going to the doctor including persistent constipation and persistent diarrhea.

According to a chain of emails, the knowledge of your potential career transition is so pervasive that there is an office poll going whether you will get the new role. The current purse is up to $123 with you an 8-1 underdog. The general consensus is that Gary from Marketing, who is also secretly interviewing for the role, will win the job hands-down. If it is any consolation, records show that your co-workers would rather see you go than Gary.

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