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Report: Rudy Giuliani still wandering around Philadelphia Four Seasons looking for pool

Philadelphia, PA - After five days, witnesses say Rudy Giuliani is still wandering around Philadelphia's Four Seasons Landscaping company looking for the pool.

One local gardener says he saw the attorney on Monday afternoon near the crematorium asking about the hot tub.

Another horticulture employee reported seeing him on Tuesday by the Fantasy Island adult book store carrying a pool noodle and asking about hours of operation for the spa.

A TripAdvisor review posted on Wednesday morning by RudyGWillikers suggests that Giuliani is not happy with his stay. He wrote, "DO NOT stay at the Philadelphia Four Seasons. They say they have a pool, but they do not. I've looked everywhere....twice. And don't even think about asking the staff. They have 300 gardeners here, but no one can tell you where it is. Very disappointed."

RudyGWilikers gave the landscaping company one star.

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