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Report: U.S. change shortage just Jeff Bezos adding ALL coins to collection

Los Angeles, CA - After a month-long investigation, a new report shows that the current U.S. change shortage is the result of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos aggressively adding every U.S. coin in existence to his coin collection.

Bezos, who has a net worth of $172 billion, is the world's richest man. With only about $3.82 billion U.S. coins in circulation in 2019, Bezos has the resources to accomplish his goal.

Witnesses say Bezos has been using thousands of Amazon Prime delivery trucks to transport the coins to a private vault beneath his California mansion.

A gardener confirmed the deliveries, saying "He gets about a hundred truckloads a day. You can hear them unload for miles. Sounds like a giant Vegas slot machine."

A housekeeper at the mansion told reporters, "Mr. B. loves his coins. He swims in them like Scrooge McDuck."

The big question is how the billionaire will get access to coins in private collections and personal change jars across the country.

Documents show Bezos is pushing for Amazon to only accept payment in the form of U.S. coins beginning August 1. It has yet to be approved by the board.

The U.S. Treasury is ramping up its production of coins to meet public demand but fears it is useless as Bezos purchasing speed will out-pace production.

Sources say that Bezos plans to turn his attention to Canadian currency once he has completed his U.S. collection.

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