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Report: White House asked Pope to add Trump to The Last Supper

Rome, Italy - Just hours after the New York Times reported that Trump had asked the Governor of South Dakota about adding him to Mount Rushmore, Italian news agencies are reporting that the White House also reached out to Pope Francis about adding Trump to The Last Supper.

Inside sources say a White House intern who spent a semester in Italy was asked to make the call.

Vatican Archbishop Paulo Gioventi says he overheard the call with Pope Francis, who thought it was a prank. He transcribed the conversation for Inquisitor Nashville:

Pope Francis: Hello

Intern: Hi, Your Holiness. Umm, I'm calling from the White House in America. We wanted to inquire about the possibility of adding President Trump to The Last Supper.

Pope Francis: Of course...Of course, my son. Do you want him to replace Jesus?

Intern: Wow! Umm. I wasn't expecting that. Can we?

Pope Francis: Of course...Of course.

Intern: Perfect. I'll tell the President. He will be very pleased.

Pope Francis: Bless you, my son. Ciao.

Archbishop Gioventi said he didn't think anything more about the call until the intern called back a month later looking for a progress report. After seeing, the New York Times article, he realized that it may not be a joke.

As of this printing, Trump has not been added to the 15th century Leonardo da Vinci masterpiece. The White House declined to comment but said it sounds like a good idea.

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