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Roger Stone tells Nashville church God spared him to become next Colonel Sanders

Mount Juliet, TN - Just weeks after President Trump pardoned Roger Stone of seven felony crimes, the controversial political consultant visited a Nashville church to share his testimony.

"When I received the president's pardon, I knew God spared my life for a purpose," said Stone. "Now, I'm excited to announce that I will be the next Colonel Sanders."

After a standing ovation, Stone continued his testimony, speaking on redemption and how an individual's choices impact the future. He said he was not becoming Colonel Sanders to "be someone," but rather “to do something.” 

Stone said, "Colonel Sanders saw what was happening to the chicken business and he did not like it. I believe we can all learn from his example."

KFC has yet to confirm Stone's claim, leading many protesters to accuse Stone of lying to the congregation. "This is just another example of Stone making false statements during testimony," said one local man.

Following the service, Stone invited the entire congregation to a local KFC where they each received a complimentary 3-piece chicken meal.

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