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Russia says their vaccine is 192% effective and they'll give a shot to anyone who questions it

Moscow, Russia - Just two days after Pfizer announced their COVID-19 vaccine is 90% effective, Russian officials announced their Sputnik V vaccine is 192% effective.

In a statement published on their dedicated website, government officials wrote, “Over 40,000 volunteers have graciously accepted the vaccine without much struggle. All of those who survived are feeling great and completely free of coronavirus."

The official went on to thank Putin for his leadership and say that they would be happy to inject the vaccine into anyone who wishes to challenge the findings.

"And for any journalists who want to question this miracle of science, we will gladly find you and administer a shot to help end your doubts."

Along with preventing the coronavirus, Russian officials say the vaccine will also cure Athlete's foot, gingivitis, and world hunger.

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