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Six sharks spotted off beach in Long Island

Long Island, NY - According to eye-witness reports, six sharks were spotted off a beach in Long Island's Nassau County in New York.

Kevin Bishop, an inventor on vacation from Nashville, says he was personally excited to see the unusual visitors so close to the shore.

Bishop said, "I was about to pitch them my new solar-powered oven mitt when someone began yelling "shark" and scared them away. Then the sheriff closed the beach."

Another witness said, "It was so scary to see them that close to the beach and for that reason, I'm out."

Sheriff John Palmer agreed that six sharks gathered so close to the shore is concerning and a significant increase over normal reports.

"We usually get one per season...maybe," said Sheriff Palmer. "Six, together? That's intimidating."

The Long Island sheriff's department says they will partner with local law enforcement and ABC to take additional measures to protect beach-goers.

The beach will remain closed through Sunday.

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