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So romantic! Local couple enters mask-sharing stage of relationship

Nashville, TN - According to reports, a Nashville couple entered the mask-sharing stage of their relationship on Thursday night while dining at a local Italian restaurant.

The couple, who met a little over three months ago on OkCupid, unexpectedly made the transition when they accidentally switched masks at dinner.

"I just looked up and saw him wearing my mask. And I realized, just like that, that I was cool with it. I think he's the one," said Misty Evans.

Jared Lowery told reporters, "She just looked at me, smiled, then grabbed my mask and put it on without any hesitation. It was very romantic. Definitely something we will tell our kids."

Jared says if everything goes as planned, he will be popping the question on Halloween.

"All I need is the ring. I'm going to Jared this weekend," said Jared.

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