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Sources: 'Attention-hogging' new CARE emoji getting mixed reactions from Facebook roommates

Nashville, TN - According to sources, Facebook users are not the only ones getting used to the new "CARE" emoji that showed up unexpectedly this week. The resident Facebook emojis are also having mixed reactions to their new roommate.

While some have expressed love and support for the newest member of the family, others have shared emotions ranging from sadness to surprise.

ANGRY has been the most outspoken of the members, tweeting, "OK. Now, I'm pissed. CARE is just an attention-hogging LOVE wannabe who doesn't really add anything to the group."

WOW, who joined the house in 2015, also turned to social media, saying, "Wow. Just wow. CARE just showed up overnight without any heads up. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but I am."

Witnesses say the house has been tense since CARE showed up, but not all of the members are taking the situation so seriously. HAHA told reporters, "Listen, CARE is already here and I'm going to make the best of it. All I can do is laugh."

The Inquisitor reached out to CARE for comment, but were told it was too busy with "more important" interviews.

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