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Southwest says 2,000 flight cancelations caused by shortage of snack packs

Dallas, TX - Southwest announced on Monday that a severe shortage of packaged snacks led the airline to cancel more than 2,000 flights over the weekend.

On Saturday, the budget airline cited air traffic control issues and bad weather for the disruption. On Sunday, it suggested staffing shortages in Florida. But Monday's announcement now suggests the actual issue was a deficit of snacks.

A representative for the company told reporters, "After a thorough internal investigation, we have determined that a severe lack of snack packs is responsible for the weekend cancelations. How are we supposed to fly valued customers across the U.S. without tiny pretzels and Cheez-Its?"

The representative went on to say that Southwest is working closely with its food vendors to hire additional snack packers and alleviate the problem. However, he did not say when their snack inventory would reach optimum levels.

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