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Study: 93% spike in nerdy men volunteering to pick up groceries on March 31

Nashville, TN - According to a study released by Venderfield University earlier today, there was a 93% spike in nerdy men volunteering to pick up the groceries on Tuesday, March 31.

The surprising results have left researchers scrambling for an explanation.

Lead scientist, Kyle Renford, said, "Our current hypothesis is that nerdy men are taking the state-mandated"shelter-at-home" orders as an opportunity to step up and protect their families from going out in public. Many men are insisting that they make the grocery run for the first time in years, if ever."

Renford went on to say that his team is now trying to understand why the increased interest in shopping appears to only be for March 31 and a few days after. He said, "Our next goal is to identify what is attracting our survey group to the store on those specific days."

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