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Study finds 'Sharing McRib with partner' ranked #1 romantic fantasy of 2020

Nashville, TN - A new nation-wide study on relationships finds that "sharing a McRib with my partner" is the #1 romantic fantasy of 2020.

"It makes perfect sense," said lead researcher Robert Ollenholf. "There's something mysterious about the McRib and its ingredients. It's a little dangerous. And that can really sauce up a relationship."

The McDonald's fan-favorite returned this week for the first since 2012, and couples across the country are lining up to buy them for a special date.

The rare delight is only available for a limited time, and demand is high, so relationship experts strongly recommend planning ahead.

"If you hope to get one for that special someone, I'd encourage you to go right after breakfast. If you wait too late in the day, you may be out of luck."

Beyond romantic relationships, McRibs also make the perfect stocking stuffer.

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