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Study: Harassing people to get flu shot more hazardous to your health than flu virus

Nashville, TN - A recent study found that harassing friends, family, and co-workers to get a flu shot is more hazardous to your health than the flu virus itself.

According to the report, the flu virus only lasts about one to two weeks while the injuries suffered from annoying your friends can last up to six months and in some cases result in permanent damage.

Bill Bailey, the lead researcher on the study, told reporters, "Our research shows that not only does nagging people to get a flu shot put your physical health at risk, it can also lead to emotional damage such as feelings of loneliness and rejection when no one is willing to talk to you anymore."

Bailey says the best course of action for people determined to promote the flu shot is to accept other's personal choices and leave them the heck alone. "Just get your own flu shot and get over it," Bailey said. "Trust me, you'll be better off."

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