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Study: Sneezing into armpit 85% less effective than elbow

Nashville, TN - Despite a growing trend, a recent study found sneezing into your armpit is 85% less effective than sneezing into your elbow. While the study wasn't completely clear on what the "less effective" refers to, many say the findings are groundbreaking.

Dr. Arnold Tippman at Pitsberg University says, "This changes everything. If we can now just convince the public to stop sneezing into their pits, we'll be in good shape."

Another expert, Dr. Bill Williams at Pitmont College, disagrees. He said it isn't as black and white as the study suggests.

"I wouldn't rule out the benefits of using your pits so quickly, said Dr. Williams. "Sneezing into your pits is a great way to encourage people to social distance from you."

The full article will be published in the American Journal of Advanced Medical Advancement on Friday.

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