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Tearful Kim Jong Un perks up after Generals let him ride new ballistic missile

North Korea - North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jung Un was visibly choked up on Saturday while giving an address to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the country’s founding.

State video shows the leader wiping away tears while praising the country on zero cases of COVID-19 and weeping even more profusely while introducing the country's newest intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM).

One anonymous citizen said, "I've never seen His Excellency so emotional, this missile must be able to reach Washington."

To cheer up the tearful Supreme Leader, North Korean generals invited Kim Jong Un to ride the new ballistic missile along the parade route.

An unverified video uploaded online shows the dictator struggling to mount the weapon and receiving a boost off the back of a passing senior citizen. Once aboard, the Supreme Leader can be seen smiling with glee.

We reached out to the producer of the hidden video for comment but were told he was on vacation and would be gone indefinitely.

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