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Tempo the Coyote narrowly beats out Stanley the Manly as new Nashville SC mascot

Nashville, TN - Nashville SC announced on Wednesday that Tempo the Coyote will be the official mascot for the new major league soccer team. The decision came after weeks of auditions and heated debate. Tempo reportedly narrowly beat out Stanley the Manly for the prized position.

A team spokesperson told reporters, "When I say this was a tough decision, I mean... it. was. tough. As a matter of fact, it came down to one vote."

The story doesn't end there. Multiple insiders say they felt pressured to vote for Tempo over Stanley because the coyote is a personal friend of a board member.

"I won't say I was threatened to vote for Tempo, but it was made abundantly clear that it would be in my best interest," said one employee. "I need this job. Otherwise, I would have voted for Stanley."

At least a dozen others privately agreed, saying they feel Stanley is a better representative for the team. One board member is expected to resign over the decision later today.

Still, Tempo has been well-received by Nashvillians and other local mascots. The Tennessee Titans' T-Rac and the Nashville Predators' GNASH both said Tempo is a better choice than Stanley.

"They're just jealous," said one Stanley loyalist. "They just know he would have stolen their thunder."

Stanley the Manly was unavailable for comment.

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