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Tennessee pastor announces Witchers not welcome in congregation

Mount Juliet, TN - A Mount Juliet, Tennessee pastor announced on Sunday that a traveling Witcher is no longer welcome in the congregation.

According to the reports, the Witcher and his horse began attending the weekly Sunday service in December. But, after weeks of getting involved in small groups and volunteering as an usher, the pastor grew suspicious of the leather-clad man when he saw him slay a monster in the church parking lot.

"We have in a Witcher among us today. I am not going to point him out, but believe me, he is here," the pastor said during Sunday's service. "But we cannot have Witchers among our fine congregation. There are no monsters here. Begone, Witcher."

Signs were immediately posted on the church/tent door reading, "No Masks and No Witchers Allowed."

Moments after the sermon, a sword-bearing man and his horse were spotted galloping East along I-40 toward Lebanon. Unfortunately, we could not locate him for comment.

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Good Mental Health is No Joke

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