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Texas, 19 states demand SCOTUS replaces Biden/Harris with Trump as TIME 'Person of the Year'

Dallas, Texas - Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton told NewsMax on Friday that the Lone Star State and 19 other states are demanding the Supreme Court votes to replace Joe Biden and Kamala Harris with Trump as TIME's "Person of the Year."

In documents filed late Thursday, Paxton said, "We hereby demand the Supreme Court to make President Trump "Person of the Year" immediately. Please. Just put him on the cover. He really needs this. And I need a pardon."

The Texas AG was indicted on felony securities fraud charges in 2015. He has yet to stand trial.

The filing went on to list President Trump's many achievements in 2020, including Operation Warp Speed, 54 rounds of golf, and the new tennis courts at the White House.

In related news, Trump supporters are reportedly buying up thousands and thousands of the Biden/Harris issue and throwing them in the trash. A TIME representative says they are struggling to keep up with demand, and it could be their best-selling issue ever.

President Trump tweeted, "RIGGED! WE WON THAT COVER."

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