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Texas man surfing during hurricane busted for not wearing mask

Padre Island, TX - A Texas man out surfing as Hurricane Hannah made landfall on Saturday was busted by the Padre Island beach police for not wearing a mask.

Officer Brent Daniels spotted the mask-less surfer, Jimmy Stone, riding an 8-foot wave to the shore as the storm surge pounded the Texas coast.

"He was just out there surfing without a mask," said Officer Daniels. "He tried to say he lost it in the 90 mph winds, but I'm not buying it."

Stone was asked to leave the beach until he secured the proper PPE and complied without incident. No citation was given.

Beach cameras show Stone returned ten minutes later, heading to the water wearing a disposable mask.

Inquisitor Nashville attempted to interview Stone but could not locate him. Witnesses say he was last seen being knocked off his board by a large wave. All reports suggest he was wearing his mask at the time.

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