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This innovative CEO just gave entire staff a free pumpkin in place of 3rd quarter bonus

Nashville, TN - According to initial earnings reports, Nashville-based tech firm, Spirotechnica, had a record-breaking third quarter this year. To celebrate, CEO Steve Spiro surprised all 300 members of his staff with a free pumpkin in place of their traditional $1,200 quarterly bonus.

"I just wanted to do something more personal this time," said Spiro. "Sure, money is great, but I think a nice pumpkin, personally delivered by your CEO says so much more. I think this may be the future of our bonuses."

In addition to the pumpkin, Spiro also said he plans to shut down the office fifteen minutes early on Friday and give a toast to the $250 million profit his team generated just in the last three months.

Staff members really seemed to appreciate the pumpkin, including several employees who suggested everyone bring a knife to work tomorrow, presumably to carve the popular Halloween decorations.

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