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Thousands pilgrimage to Nashville as Rosepepper sign reveals secret to life

East Nashville, TN - Thousands of answer-seekers made a pilgrimage to East Nashville on Saturday as the Rosepepper Cantina prepares to reveal the secret of life on the restaurant's marquis.

One Kentucky woman claims a mysterious voice told her to travel to the popular Nashville restaurant.

"A voice told me, 'Rosepepper has the answers that you seek. They also have tacos.'"

She is not alone. Hundreds of others in the crowd said they, too, were called to the cantina to receive the words of wisdom.

One man told reporters, "Something inside me said, 'You must go to the Rosepepper to learn the secret to life... And bring me back a margarita.'"

The cantina will reportedly reveal the answer around lunchtime on Saturday.

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