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Titans announce Ryan Tannehill will be quarterback disappointing fans for rest of season

Nashville, TN - The Tennessee Titans announced today that Ryan Tannehill will be the quarterback disappointing fans moving forward this season. The change comes after Marcus Mariota led the team to a 16-0 defeat against the Denver Broncos last Sunday.

The news came with mixed reactions including one fan who told reporters, "I was just getting used to being disappointed by Mariota. Now I have to get used to being let down by someone new? I think I'll just start watching hockey."

Another fan turned to social media saying the decision was cruel to those who had already given up hope on the team. "You don't give hope when there is none, Titans. You're playing with our emotions and that's not right. You are better than that."

Tannehill is scheduled to start against the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 7, but a third-string quarterback is rumored to be gearing up to disappoint fans further if Tannehill doesn't work out.

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