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TN drivers unsure what to do with hands after cell phone ban

TN Drivers: "What do we do with our hands?"

Update: As of July 1, Tennessee banned the use of handheld mobile devices while driving. The new law requires drivers to free-up their hands or face a fine up to 200 dollars.

While many Tennesseans support the move, it leaves countless drivers unsure what to do with their hands now that they can no longer text or make calls while behind the wheel.

Local Uber driver, Steve Douglas, said, “I’m still figuring out what to do. I just started buying a second cup of coffee to hold in my free hand.” Another driver said he has been bringing along some magazines to read. Still another has been traveling with some free weights.

Other drivers are taking a different tact. An anonymous source shared a link to a private Facebook group where Tennessee drivers are posting ideas on how to beat the system. One user suggested simply tinting windows to 100%. Another entrepreneur is selling skin-toned driving gloves with a compartment to hide your phone while making calls.

One Nashville driver expressed her frustration via Twitter, “Real smart, TN! You tell us to stop holding our phones but not how to fill the void. Stupidest state ever.”

The Inquisitor has reached out to the TN Department of Safety to see if further instructions will be provided to assist drivers with this transition. They have not returned our calls.

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