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Trump buys up 3 million Kindle copies of John Bolton's book to keep Americans from getting one

Washington, D.C. - It is no secret that the Trump legal team has spent weeks filing lawsuits to stop the release of former national security advisor John Bolton's tell-all book, The Room Where It Happened. Despite their best efforts, the explosive book was released today.

Now, according to sources, the Trump administration has shifted its strategy by buying up three million Kindle copies of the book to keep Americans from getting one.

Insiders say that the Trump team got the idea from TikTok users who reserved thousands of tickets to the president's Tulsa rally that kept legitimate supporters from attending.

The anonymous insider said, "It's really genius. Bolton and the Democrats will think they've sold millions of copies, but no one will actually be reading it. And more importantly, there won't be any Kindle copies left for losers who actually want to read it."

Bolton told reporters, "What can I say, Trump is a clever adversary. But it just makes me more determined. I dare him to buy five million more Kindle copies."

An Amazon spokesperson also challenged the president to buy a few more million and offered a bulk discount.

There's no word yet whether the Trump team will take them up on the challenge.

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