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Trump edits photo to show his protest crowd was much bigger than Obama's

Washington, D.C. - After a night of protests across the country, Trump met with reporters on Saturday morning to show a photo of the crowd that protested just outside the White House on Friday.

"I think we had the biggest one last night," Trump said. "I looked out to a sea of protesters, and I said to myself, 'Wow, I’ve seen big protests before. Big, big protests. But that was some protest.' Larger than any of Obama's protests, from what I'm hearing."

Moments later, Trump grew agitated when a reporter suggested that the photo had been manipulated and was just a Photoshopped picture from his controversial inauguration crowd.

Trump responded, "First off, you're fake news. And I won’t allow you, or other people like you, to demean that crowd of protesters. It was a record-breaking protest."

Another reporter challenged Trump by saying, "But the White House isn't even in the right place in your photo. That's where the Capitol is."

Trump said, "Listen, all I know, is it was a very large protest. Very large. Much larger than Obama's. End of story. Thank you for coming."

The press was then escorted out of the room.

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