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Trump expected to loosen distancing guideline from 6 feet down to 5.7 feet

Nashville, TN - According to Washington insiders, President Trump is expected to announce the loosening of the 6 feet social distancing guideline down to 5.7 feet at today's afternoon coronavirus press conference.

This would be a huge win for the President who is determined to get the American economy back up and running despite criticism. It is also a positive sign to Americans that life may be finally getting back to normal or at least a new normal.

Grocery stores and essential businesses across the country are hesitant about the move because they will now have to readjust their signage and floor markers to reflect the new 5.7 standard.

One grocery store manager told journalists, "It will take us hours to re-record our in-store announcements reminding people to stay six feet apart. We'll also have to reconfigure the "Xs" we've put out all around the store. I'm not sure it's worth it for a few inches."

Retailers are not the only companies who don't fully support the change. Noodle Noggins Inc., the manufacturer of the Pool Noodle Distancing Hat™, is also expressing its concern because it will now have to recall all 6 feet hats and reconfigure them to the new standard. That could cost the company millions.

This is a developing story.

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