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Trump legal team vows to appeal to Galactic Supreme Court after SCOTUS rejects case

Washington, DC - The Trump Elite Strike Force legal team vowed to take their case all the way to the Galactic Supreme Court on Tuesday after SCOTUS refused to award Trump the 2020 election.

Trump attorney Jenna Ellis told reporters from quarantine, "This is exactly what we hoped would happen. It's just... such great news. Now, we go to the GSC."

"We've only begun to fight this outrageous fraud. Next stop...Dagobah, I think," said Rudy Giuliani from quarantine.

Even former Elite Strike Force member Sidney Powell chimed in, tweeting, "Buckle up! We're about to release the GalactiKraken. It's going to be Biblical."

Trump supporters also took to social media to show their unwavering support after the announcement.

"Keep fighting, President Trump. Thank you for being the guardian of the galaxy."

"There's no way Biden will ever be president once the Jedi Council hears our witnesses. Take that blonde lady from Michigan."

The Galactic high court has yet to agree to take the case and is currently hearing a challenge by the Vulcan GOP regarding universal healthcare. Check back for updates.

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